Eddie Lusamaki using the lab-on-SSD at INRB, DRC.


Nanopore sequencing and bioinformatics requires a set of specialised software. For real-time work the analysis is best performed at the point of data generation. Nanopore sequencing benefits greatly from the availability of graphical processor unit (GPU) enabled computers, paticularly for basecalling. For this reason we provide a convenient solution, “lab-on-an-SSD”, a software image containing a full Linux operating system, GPU drivers, software for nanopore sequencing and the ARTIC analysis pipeline (including RAMPART). This can be run on suitable laptops to provide rapid sequencign answers without the need for large computing infrastructure or internet connectivity.


For further instructions and installation, refer to the GitHub repository page.


Lab-on-an-SSD is in development with a publication forthcoming. Please get in contact if you have any issues, questions or comments.

Lab-on-an-SSD has been deployed: