Despite the technical challenges of deploying sequencing to field laboratories, we have previously developed portable sequencing for Ebola and Zika for deployment in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Brazil[3,4,12]. Building on these experiences, we will develop and field-test a grab and go, integrated sample preparation and library generation workflow for in-field viral sequencing including all training materials and validated standard operating procedures (SOPs). Due to the system requirements we will use the pocket-sized and inexpensive Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencer but it would be compatible with other platforms. The emphasis will be on portability and suitability for resource-limited environments. Years 1-3 will focus on the development and field testing of the workflow in Sierra Leone where we and our collaborators have relevant biological samples stored. In years 4 and 5 we will deploy to remote sites either with ongoing outbreaks or where significant sample collections exist but sequencing technology is not readily available. We have links with researchers in Guinea, Uganda, Nigeria and Brazil that have such sample collections. This will also allow evaluation of the training materials developed as part of the program.