Ebola virus Nanopore sequencing resource released

There has been a lot of discussion and interest in using portable nanopore sequencing technology to undertake real-time genomic epidemiology in the response to Ebola virus outbreaks. This has obviously become more relevant in recent weeks because of the developing situation in the DRC. We have been developing and testing...

Primer scheme for Zaire Ebolavirus

We have designed a multiplex primer scheme for Zaire Ebolavirus. This has been tested and validated on a number of Zaire Ebolavirus isolates (Makona, Mayinga/Ecran, and Kikwit). The primer scheme is available from the Github repository: https://github.com/artic-network/primer-schemes/tree/master/PanEbola/V1 It does not work with non-Zaire Ebolaviruses (e.g. Reston, Sudan) MinION data is...

ARTIC network started

ARTIC network started: First post

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